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Being an artist, a teacher or a writer of any sort wasn't what I imagined I'd be doing when I think back. It is hard to pen down exactly what led me here. It might have been my grandfather who loved to tell me stories about his life. Or my grandmother who saved every card and drawing I made for her in a scrapbook which, many years later, she gave to me. It might have been my father who collected comic books and who sat down with me to point out the good art from the bad. Or my mother, the bravest person I have ever known. Perhaps it was my husband and his love of books and appreciation for art. However all the pieces wove together, the inspiration to write bubbled up inside of me when I became a mother. That was twelve years ago...

We had just moved to Guelph and were renting a flat in a historic stone house that was built at the end of the 1800's. It was the old brew master's staff home on Yorkshire St. The floors were made from wide wooden planks and not being level was wonky to walk on. In the backyard grew a giant maple tree. I had packed away my oil paints a few months prior (as our little boy had managed to open a tube of Viridian green in an attempt to eat it), when, one morning, we awoke to the sound of a chainsaw in the backyard. My one year old and I watched the magnificent tree come down piece by piece. Not long after I scratched out my first children's story and called it "Little Tree". The story was put aside and forgotten until two years later, when our then three year old was upset one night unable to sleep and wondering who would care for him after we were gone. Remembering the story I had written, I pulled it out and read it to him hoping to make him feel better.

And that is how it started. Soon after another story popped out, and then another, and another!

Writing and illustrating stories for children has become a passion - the stories, the characters and the illustrations. I hope you like them.